Cheap Car Insurance Port St. Lucie

Florida has higher than average car insurance rates, making it very costly to own and drive in the Sunshine State. The state’s average rate for minimal liability auto insurance is $1,189 per year compared to the national average of $545. Full coverage rates average $2,208 while the national average is $1,771 annually.

The higher rates are generally attributed to Florida’s relatively sizeable population and the potential for auto theft, car accidents, and storm damage. Fortunately, most insurers provide ways in which policyholders can reduce their rates to obtain relatively cheap insurance.

How To Save Money on Car Insurance

Cheap insurance does not have to mean lousy coverage. Instead, you could have more affordable car insurance without sacrificing the quality of coverage or customer service. It starts by having a clean driving record and doing your best to avoid causing an accident.

Many car insurance underwriters provide policyholders with a discounted rate when they successfully complete a driver safety course. You also could limit coverage to only yourself and maybe one or two other drivers. If you have a teen driver at home, you might want to exclude your teen as a driver and purchase a more affordable used vehicle for your teen to drive.

Keeping your car garaged will help to keep the insurance rate low. So might using safety devices, including lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, and other active safety devices that help to prevent accidents.

Bundle Coverages for More Affordable Homeowners Insurance

Tropical storms often strike Florida and endanger homes with high winds and storm surges. External flooding and wind damage can result in costly damage, including destruction of your home and property. Finding affordable homeowners insurance is getting much harder in Florida as a result.

You can add stormproof windows and doors to help reduce the potential for damage. Many insurers will give you a rate discount for doing so. Flood insurance is nearly impossible to find outside the National Flood Insurance Program, but even that has a $250,000 limit on coverage.

You could save some money by bundling your car and home insurance with the same underwriter and often earn a discounted rate on both. You should shop for the best-bundled rate from a quality insurer who will not search for excuses to exclude coverage if you have to file a claim.

Affordable Car Insurance Tampa offers a full suite of auto, home, and life insurance. Combining insurance coverage often earns significant discounts on your home and auto insurance and can make it more affordable for other popular policies in Port St. Lucie, like boat insurance.