Why Do Auto Insurance Companies Take Your Credit Into Account?

Many of the major auto insurance companies in the United States consider your credit with car insurance applications. Analyzing credit scores helps them decide whether they will offer insurance to a person, and how much they should charge. Here’s an overview of what you should know about the influence of credit reporting on your auto […]

What Is SR-22 Insurance? Here’s an Overview

The average driver probably hasn’t heard of SR-22 insurance, but it can be crucial documentation to have if you ever get into an accident or need to prove you have car insurance. But what exactly is an SR-22? Is it a type of car insurance itself? How does a driver get this form, and what […]

Is Storm Damage Covered by Car Insurance in Florida?

It’s officially hurricane season, which means it’s time to think about protecting your property for when a hurricane inevitably hits our state. While you can board up your home’s windows and protect your family, your car is still vulnerable if it’s parked outside during a storm. While your homeowners insurance covers any storm damage to […]