Affordable SR22 Insurance in Florida

Many people are suddenly obliged to file for an SR22 certificate after having been involved in a serious accident, or after having acquired a number of points on their driving license. While this can certainly cause your insurance rates and insurance premiums to increase, the high risk auto insurance pool which you’re automatically put in will only last for three years, and you’ll have a chance to recover from this designation if you manage to keep a clean driving record. In the meantime, you may find that you need to locate a new insurance provider if your old one terminates your car insurance policy as a result of this new status.

When something like this happens to you and other car insurance companies cannot help, don’t panic. Call the friendly representatives at Affordable Car Insurance of Tampa, and let them explain the whole process of filing to you, as well as what the ramifications will be. The information below will give you a general idea of what’s involved, so you’ll be better prepared to go about the process of filing for SR22 insurance Florida coverage.

Call us at (813) 328-1985 no matter what moving violations or traffic violations you may have. Some common offenses include, reckless driving, driving without a licence, suspended license, driving under the influence (dui/dwi), or caused an at fault accident while driving without insurance.

What is SR22 Insurance for?

SR-22 insurance is a kind of rider that is attached to your automotive insurance policy, and which is required by the state of Florida Department of Motor Vehicles for some drivers who are considered to be in a high-risk pool. This could be because you were found to be driving without coverage in the past, or because there have been an excessive number of driving violations on your record, or possibly because you were involved in a major accident.Any of these will likely cause you to file for a specialized policy, so the state can be sure that you are maintaining at least $10,000 in property damage coverage, and that you have 10/20 bodily injury coverage as well. Once you are included in this pool, you will be obliged to carry the filing for at least three years, and possibly more, depending on the reason for your inclusion to the pool.

If you’re not sure about how long your specialized designation is intended to last, you’ll be able to find out by contacting your local DMV department. The actual filing is attached to your policy, and it is submitted to the state of Florida automatically by whichever carrier is providing your coverage. When the requirements of your specialized auto insurance coverage are fulfilled, you’ll be able to continue on with your normal policy just as it is.Your car insurance company will remove the filing when it has been completely satisfied, and the state of Florida has agreed that all requirements have been met. If it should happen that your policy is canceled prior to the fulfillment of the requirements, your driver’s license will probably be suspended until the policy is reinstated and you are again complying with the state directive. You will be notified by the state of Florida if you fall into this high-risk pool and are required to file for coverage with your auto insurance policy provider.

How Does it Affect Your Insurance Costs?

The cost of filing an SR22 certificate will vary a good deal between insurance companies, but you can expect to spend somewhere between $300 and $800, depending on a number of factors. For instance, your age, driving experience, marital status, place of residence, and personal driving history will all come into play when the cost of coverage is being calculated.It’s not just the cost of the certificate and its filing which will be an extra expense for you though. Any client lumped into the SR22 pool is considered to be a high-risk driver, and that will always mean that your premiums will be more expensive. In some cases, companies will even require that such high-risk drivers pay the entire premium at once, rather than in monthly installments.

Most likely, you will also lose your safe driving or good driver discount if you previously had one, and that will also cause an increase in your premiums. To actually file for the certificate, it will cost somewhere between $25 and $50 at your local DMV. If it’s necessary for you to reinstate your driver’s license and driving privileges, that will also cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to have those privileges reactivated.The cost of SR-22 insurance will ultimately depend on whether your license was revoked or suspended, as well as whether your offense was the first, second, or third which you were deemed guilty of. It will also be taken into account if an accident occurred, and whether or not that accident included injury to people or property. All incidents which led up to you being forced to apply for the certificate will also be considered by any auto coverage provider when they’re calculating premiums for your coverage.

Even if you previously had a great relationship with your provider, that relationship is likely to be considerably degraded if they file on your behalf. Once your driving record has undergone a blemish which requires filing, you will have very little chance of finding low auto premiums from any provider.

Additionally, not all insuring providers will even work with filings, so you may have to search around a bit in order to find a provider willing to work with you. When you do find providers who will work with SR22 insurance coverage, you’ll just have to get some quotes in order to find out the most favorable car insurance rates you can obtain.


One of your best possible options for obtaining SR-22 insurance policy in the state of Florida, is to contact Affordable Car Insurance of Tampa, FL at 813-328-1985 for a high risk car insurance quote. We have filed for the certificate on behalf of many of our clients, and we can control the extra expense of filing to keep coverage affordable for most clients. Call us to get an auto insurance quote before talking to anyone else, and we’ll be glad to work with you to get the least expensive SR22 insurance coverage on the market today.