The Different Auto Insurance Options from Windhaven Insurance

The Different Auto Insurance Options From Windhaven Insurance

The Different Auto Insurance Options from Windhaven Insurance

If you’re looking for a unique insurance product to protect your vehicle, you might want to consider the benefits of signing up for a policy from Windhaven Insurance Company in Tampa, FL, a leader in low-cost car insurance.

Windhaven auto insurance is a unique, new type of insurance product that provides customers with superior value at an affordable rate. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Windhaven insurance, you should reach out to an independent agent in your area specializing in the sale of Windhaven insurance products.

Windhaven agents are independently owned and operated small businesses. Rather than working with a large corporate entity, you can buy your insurance from a trusted local agent. This relationship-oriented approach is just one of the ways that Windhaven Insurance Company is disrupting the insurance industry.

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Windhaven offers a number of different types of insurance products aimed at meeting a diverse range of customer needs. Here are the best products for Windhaven auto insurance that you should talk to your local agent about:

  • Windhaven: Windhaven Insurance Company’s basic product, Windhaven, offers exceptional value at an affordable rate. The plan offers personal injury, comprehensive and collision coverage options. The Windhaven product requires no credit check and offers discounts for automatic payments.
  • Optimum: Like the Windhaven product, Optimum requires no credit check, making it ideal for people with poor or no credit history. Optimum has a number of advantages over Windhaven, however, in that it offers accidental death coverage and permits a 30-day lapse in coverage for new customers.
  • Select: The Select product offers a very high property damage allowance, and provides $2,000 in accidental death coverage. Additionally, there’s no credit check required to sign up for the Select product. Finally, there are discounts for automatic payments and prior insurance coverage.
  • Icon: There’s a 30-day lapse in coverage allowed for people signing up for Icon coverage. People with good or excellent credit can benefit from a significant discount when signing up for coverage under the Icon product plan. There are a number of discounts available for new Icon customers, as well.
  • Windward: The Windward product line is Windhaven’s most robust type of automobile insurance. Windward offers rideshare insurance coverage. This product also provides higher levels of personal injury insurance, as well as the ability to sign up for either a six-month or an annual policy. There are discounts on Windward products for people with excellent credit, and for the use of automatic payments.

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Since 2011, Affordable Car Insurance Tampa has been the trusted local agent offering Windhaven auto insurance. If you’re looking for a small, independently owned business to buy insurance from, consider the family owned offices of Affordable Car Insurance Tampa. We’ll happily walk you through the many insurance offerings from Windhaven Insurance Company and can help you purchase the policy that most accurately meets your unique needs. Call one of our friendly insurance experts today to get a quote in as little as 10 minutes or contact us online.

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