Is Your Car Insurance Tax Deductible?

Tax season is upon us once again, which means many Americans are searching for ways to take advantage of available tax deductions. Tax deductions are all over the place, and may even include your car insurance. Depending on their situation, some drivers are eligible to write off car insurance in Tampa, FL. This post will […]

The Good and Bad of Bundling Insurance

Should you get bundled insurance? In many contexts, bundling products together often means you get two or more substandard products for the price of one higher-quality version—but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to bundling insurance policies in Tampa, FL. In fact, bundling your home and auto insurance is actually a winning proposition. […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Becoming a Better Driver

Even if you’ve never gotten a ticket in your life, anyone can stand to become a safer driver. Every year, millions of people get into auto accidents that result in property damage and even more serious consequences. Why not make your New Year’s resolution “becoming a safer driver in Tampa, FL”? Not only will it […]

Does Motorcycle Insurance Have the Same Coverage as Car Insurance?

If you own a motorcycle, it’s important to note that there are some key differences between motorcycle insurance coverage and car insurance coverage in Tampa, FL. This is because there are differences in how these vehicles are handled (licenses, regulations, repairs, maintenance). Here’s some information you should know about the differences in these types of […]

Can I Do My Own Repairs After Filing a Claim?

If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, you may be wondering if you can make your own repairs to the vehicle rather than having them done by a professional. There are a lot of insurance issues here to consider—if the insurer is going to pay for the repairs, they’ll want to make sure […]