Cheap Car Insurance in Bradenton, FL

Some people living in the Bradenton, FL area have found it difficult to obtain adequate auto insurance at a rate they can afford, and for all such individuals, Affordable Car Insurance Tampa, can probably find a solution that will work for you. We have been able to help first-time drivers and students, teenagers in a high-risk pool, people who’ve been involved in multiple accidents, and a number of others who simply cannot afford the high premiums charged by some carriers in the state. Since we work with a large network of carriers, we can almost always find a carrier who can provide the coverage you need, at a rate you can afford.

Cheap Car Insurance in Bradenton

Overview of Our Services

Although auto insurance coverage is our biggest specialty, it is by no means the only kind of insurance coverage we can provide. We also offer life insurance, so that your loved ones can be provided for in the event of your passing. Life insurance has always been considered one of the essential building blocks of a solid financial foundation, and it’s something you should have included in your portfolio.

If you are someone who enjoys the extensive recreational opportunities provided by Florida’s coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, you should consider having insurance coverage for your boat. An unanticipated accident while boating might cause you to lose your entire investment if not covered by boating insurance. You may also have other vehicles in addition to your automobile which need to be covered.

For instance, if you own an all-terrain vehicle or if you have a motorcycle, you will want to protect yourself against damage to either one of these, or any other type of four wheeled vehicle you might own. We also provide rental insurance for those people who rent their dwellings, and wish to have all their possessions covered by insurance.
It is entirely possible that something could happen to your rental dwelling, just like it could happen to a home that you own. Severe weather might easily damage your dwelling and its contents, or you could be victimized by a burglary and lose some of your valuable assets. Insurance coverage provided by Affordable Car Insurance will protect you against all of these unpleasant events.

Minimum Florida Auto Insurance

There are a number of requirements associated with having auto insurance in the state of Florida. First of all, it will be necessary to register any vehicle which has at least four wheels, and in most cases it will also be necessary to have insurance coverage for these vehicles, regardless of whether or not they are taken out on the road.

Even if you are not a Florida resident, you will be required to register your vehicle in the state, and to obtain adequate auto insurance coverage. If you reside in the state for more than 90 consecutive days, it will be necessary to have your vehicle registered and insured in order to be in compliance with state requirements. Anyone who is employed in the state of Florida or whose children are being educated through the Florida school system must have their vehicle registered in the state, and must obtain adequate auto insurance for it.

There are many different types of coverage available in an auto insurance policy, but only two of them are strict requirements in the state of Florida, those being property damage liability and personal injury protection. Personal injury protection is a kind of coverage which relates to the medical expenses which might be incurred by yourself and any passengers in your car when involved in an accident. Coverage must be provided at a level of at least $10,000, and this will be regardless of who actually caused the accident.

The same $10,000 level of coverage is required for property damage liability, and this covers damages to vehicles driven by other parties. Taxi drivers and other commercial drivers will generally be subject to higher rates than these, as well as increased levels of coverage. There are also some optional types of coverage you may want to have included in your auto insurance policy, and these will provide you with increased protection.

Since 13% of all Americans have no insurance coverage at all, it would be wise to have uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself in the event you are involved in an accident with one of these individuals. Collision coverage will offer insurance against property damages which might occur as a result of an accident, and bodily injury liability will cover expenses of individuals in other vehicles.

Comprehensive auto coverage will cover just about any kind of damage done to your car which is not the result of having been in an accident. Some examples of events covered would be damage done by a hailstorm, any kind of vandalism inflicted on your vehicle, or any kind of theft which causes you to lose valuable assets from inside your car.

When you go about searching for an insurance company to obtain your policy from, you will have to find a carrier who is licensed to conduct business in the state of Florida, and it will be necessary to obtain auto insurance whether or not your truck or car is actually being driven.

Any vehicle which is registered in the state of Florida must have continuous coverage, regardless of where your dwelling happens to be. Should you move out of state, you will be obliged to keep your insurance policy in effect until you have registered your vehicle in the new state, although there are some exceptions to this rule for members of the military.

Cheap Car Insurance in Bradenton

Secure the Insurance That is Right for You

It is essential to have adequate automobile insurance coverage in the state of Florida, in order to comply with state law, and in order to protect yourself against the possibility of damage occurring to your vehicle or to persons riding with you.

Since you are required to have coverage in the state of Florida, it will be to your advantage to find the best policy at the most affordable rate. That’s exactly what we specialize in at Affordable Car Insurance Tampa.

Contact us today, so we can work with our network of insurance carriers to find you the lowest rate possible, along with the best coverage to fit your needs. Our free 10-minute quote will give you all the information you need, and you can then apply for whatever coverage is best for you.