Cheap Car Insurance in Gainesville, FL

The overwhelming number of people who are looking for car insurance in the Gainesville, FL area are looking for cheap insurance that meets the state minimum requirements. These are the types of inquiries we receive from our customers daily here at Affordable Car Insurance Tampa. Although we have Tampa in the name, we also serve markets throughout Florida including Gainesville. Getting the right kind of insurance for your needs is possible through the offerings that we have, and those offerings are expanding every day.

Insurance Options

Life is incredibly unpredictable, and it is very important that people know what they can do to protect themselves and their possessions. The things in life that are the most precious to us are what we should take time to get great coverage for if we are to have some peace of mind that those things will be protected for the future.

A few of the types of insurance that we offer to help keep people protected include the following:

The list goes on and on, but the point is that you have options to protect the most valuable things in life. Most of these insurance types are not mandated to be carried (except for car insurance), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them handy anyway. You just want to make sure you have the choice to protect your valuables from the dangers thrown at them by this unpredictable world we all live in.

Obtaining Minimum Mandated Insurance for Florida

The amount of insurance that one must carry in the state of Florida is mandated by the state government to be sure that everyone who uses Florida roads is protected. Of course, some still flout those laws, but you should try to stay within the lines on this one as the penalties for failure to do so are very high.

Minimum state-mandated insurance is available through us at affordable rates. If you just need to cover the basic requirements for personal injury liability and for property damage coverage that you need to keep covered, then we hope you will turn to us to help get you set up with the insurance you need.

Additional Coverage

There is an argument to be made for purchasing extra supplemental coverage that goes above and beyond what the state mandates as far as minimum coverage. The reason is that about 13% of all drivers do not carry auto insurance coverage at all, and they are a major danger out on the roads.

The extra coverage that you purchase can help keep you protected from those on the road who clearly do not care if they get other people hurt. You want to keep yourself safe monetarily from anyone who might be driving without insurance coverage. Make sure you look at purchasing this extra layer of coverage for yourself to have some peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more!