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If you think you’ve been paying too much for your auto insurance, you should contact us at Affordable Car Insurance Tampa. We service the entire area around Lakeland, FL, and we will be able to find a more affordable rate for you, because we deal with a huge network of insurance carriers, and we can find the right fit for your budget.

Even if you’re a first-time driver or a student, we’ll find insurance coverage that you can afford. If you happen to have prior accidents in your past, we’ll still be able to find adequate coverage that will fit within your budget. If you don’t want to continue paying too much for your auto insurance, you should contact us and let us find coverage which is the same or better than your current coverage, and which costs you a lot less every month.

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Overview of Our Services

Many people own other four-wheeled vehicles which require insurance coverage, and we can provide that kind of coverage at Affordable Car Insurance. You might own a truck, an all-terrain vehicle, or a motorcycle which has to be covered in order to protect yourself against damage which might occur, and we can arrange for that.

You might also be a person who is heavily involved with the recreational opportunities available on Florida’s coastline, which means you might own a boat. Almost any boat represents a major investment, and you would not want that investment to be a total loss if it were involved in some kind of accident on the water. We can provide great coverage for your boat, so that any kind of damage sustained in an accident will be thoroughly covered.

Not everyone owns their own home, and a great many people rent either apartments or homes as their primary residence. It’s always a good idea to have these dwellings and all the contents covered by insurance, in case any kind of damage might occur. For instance, severe weather might cause damage to any of your possessions inside a rented home or apartment, and that could amount to a total loss if it’s not covered by insurance. Ensuring your rented dwelling will also protect you against the possibility of theft, where valuable assets might be stolen and you would have no recourse without insurance coverage.

Life insurance is another kind of coverage which is advisable for just about everyone, especially since everyone eventually passes on, leaving funeral costs and other details to be attended to by relatives. Providing life insurance to your successors will give you the kind of peace of mind that comes from knowing they won’t have to struggle to survive after you’re gone. All of these types of insurance can be purchased from Affordable Car Insurance Tampa, and you can be sure of getting the best coverage at the most affordable rates when you buy from us.

Minimum Florida Auto Insurance

Florida State laws are very specific regarding requirements for having auto insurance coverage. Any vehicle which has at least four wheels must be registered in the state, and it probably will also require insurance coverage, except in unusual cases. Non-residents of the state or temporary residents are obliged to register their vehicles, and in most cases insurance coverage will be necessary as well.

Anyone who has children being educated in the Florida public school system, or anyone who is employed in the state of Florida, must have their vehicle registered, and must have adequate insurance provided on that vehicle. By living in the state for at least 90 consecutive days, you will fall under the requirement of having your vehicle registered and insured in the state of Florida. Anyone who fails to comply with these requirements is very likely to be required to pay a stiff penalty if apprehended by the authorities.

When it comes to the type of coverage which is required in the state of Florida, there are two main categories, those being property damage liability and personal injury protection. Property damage liability covers all those damages which occur to the other driver’s vehicle in an accident. Florida residents are required to have $10,000 worth of property damage liability included in their insurance policy.

Personal injury protection also requires $10,000 of coverage, and it covers all the medical expenses which might be necessary for yourself and anyone accompanying you in your car during an accident. While these are the only two required forms of coverage that Florida State drivers must have, there are some optional coverages which might be extremely beneficial for most drivers.
Collision coverage handles all those kinds of property damage which might result from being in an auto accident.

Bodily injury liability provides coverage for the expenses incurred by people in other vehicles during an accident. Having uninsured motorist coverage will protect you against the possibility of being involved in an accident with someone who is not currently carrying insurance on their vehicle. Since approximately 13% of all Americans lack any kind of auto insurance coverage, there’s a very real possibility for you to be involved in an accident with such individuals.

Comprehensive coverage involves coverage for any kind of damage which occurs to your vehicle which is unrelated to auto accidents. That means if someone steals something from your car, it would be covered under comprehensive insurance. If your car became damaged by a hail storm or a tree falling on it, those are other examples of coverage that would fall under the comprehensive umbrella. Any questions that you have on state requirements for auto insurance coverage can be answered by one of our friendly representatives at Affordable Car Insurance.

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Get the Best Insurance

The best way for you to find out how we can help you at Affordable Car Insurance is to contact us for a free 10-minute quote. In that consultation, we can make note of all your insurance coverage requirements, and provide you with a preliminary quote on what your premiums might be every month. Virtually everyone who owns a vehicle in the state of Florida and has it registered, must also have adequate insurance coverage for it. Let us take the worry out of insurance coverage for you, by providing you with the best possible coverage at the lowest possible rate.