Cheap Car Insurance in Pembroke Pines, FL

Driving without proper insurance in Florida is a crime that can land you in a world of trouble. At Affordable Car Insurance Tampa, we are very adamant about providing our customers with cheap insurance options that won’t break the bank. At the same time, all of our offerings also meet the state minimum insurance requirements. This allows you to know that you are covered¬†without being worried about not living up to the requirements of the state government.

Best Insurance Offerings To Meet Florida Requirements

Two major requirements must be met in Florida for a driver to be considered to be adequately covered. Those requirements are that they have the proper amount of insurance to cover themselves in the event that they cause property damage or bodily harm to another motorist. Both of these things are possible, and even likely, when one is involved in a major accident.

Bodily Harm

Personal injury protection is a requirement in Florida. This type of insurance covers damages resulting from injuries that you or another party sustain in an accident. The minimum required coverage for Florida drivers is $10,000 in damages. This is a large number, but it is meant to make sure that all hospital bills and other expenses are covered by the responsible party.

Property Damage

The same minimum of $10,000 in coverage is required for property damage sustained in an accident. It is necessary to replace the other party’s property when one is involved in an accident. Getting the other person set straight again is a minimum requirement.

Florida takes it very things very seriously when it comes to making sure that everyone is protected in the event that they are involved in an accident. After all, no one wants to be set back in a big way financially simply because someone else collided with them out on the roads.

Other Types of Insurance

The type of insurance that people need to enjoy their peace of mind does not stop at car insurance. It is also the case that they need to make sure they have great insurance to protect their personal valuables of all types. A few of the other types of insurance that we offer include:

These are all great products that protect specific products that are extremely important to the customer. We make sure that we keep the prices affordable on these products, and we also want to make sure that our customers know that they can obtain these products as necessary.

The value of something like one’s home, one’s boat, or the earning potential that one has in their life is something that should be protected by those who are serious about keeping their valuable items as safe as possible.

Don’t take any chances and make sure you get the best insurance possible by looking at the offerings that we currently have available today. Contact us today!