Cheap Car Insurance in St. Petersburg, FL

Car insurance in Florida is not an option: it’s mandatory for driving a vehicle with four wheels. Even though you can lose your driver’s license if you don’t have auto insurance, Florida still has some of the highest rates of uninsured motorists in the United States. Some experts believe that many drivers don’t carry insurance because the premiums are so high, but the costs of not having insurance can be much more than the monthly premiums — especially when you have a more affordable policy. Whether you’re a first-time driver, have bad credit, or have been in past accidents, Affordable Car Insurance Tampa offers cheap car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL!

Insurance Covers Your Financial Risks

Insurance protects you and your family against financial loss. Health insurance helps pay medical bills when you get sick or physically injured. Car insurance and homeowner’s insurance pays for property damage when you’re in an accident or when Mother Nature tears through the community and takes the roof off your home. Some types of insurance protect you when you’re sued. No one plans to get sick or be in an accident, but unless you have a lot of money in your bank account, one bad illness could wipe out your finances. Insurance helps cover the costs of major financial burdens.

Affordable Car Insurance Tampa offers affordable car insurance and other types of insurance to protect your most valuable assets. We understand that adding insurance into your budget isn’t inexpensive, but we want to find ways to keep you covered. Insurance is a security blanket that you shouldn’t be without — not only because it’s against the law, but because one disaster could devastate your family. Here are the types of insurance you should consider:

    Cars and Other Vehicles: Any vehicle with four wheels that are registered in Florida must have auto insurance. We can search through multiple insurers to find you the best premium for your situation. Ask us about discounts that can help you save even more money on your insurance premiums.

    Home: Your home represents security for your family — physically, emotionally and financially. It’s also probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Florida experiences some of the worst weather disasters in the country, so protect your home with homeowner’s insurance in case of tragedy.

    Boats: There’s nothing more relaxing than an afternoon or evening on the water. But a boat is an expensive purchase. If you’re in a water accident or if your boat gets damaged, it takes away those relaxing moments. Boat insurance protects your investment to give you peace of mind.

    Rental: Not everyone chooses to own their own home, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a valuable property inside. Your landlord’s insurance only covers damage to the home, not to your belongings. Rental insurance pays to replace your furniture, clothes, and other valuables in case of fire, theft, or weather damage.

    Life: One of the worst moments in any family’s life is when a loved one dies. Although no amount of money can replace you, it can make a difference in your family’s future. Whether you’re 26 or 56, consider a life insurance policy to protect your family in case of loss.

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Minimum Florida Auto insurance

Florida law requires the registration of cars that are driven by Florida residents. Even if you aren’t a permanent resident, you may be required to register your car in the state. Anyone who has a child in a public school in Florida or who is employed in Florida must register their car. This means having auto insurance, issued by a company that is licensed to do business in the state. Owners must maintain insurance coverage as long as the car is registered, even if the car is inoperable or not being driven.

When you go to register your vehicle, you’ll need proof of insurance. Florida requires a minimum of $10,000 of both personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL). You can choose to add other types of auto insurance, such as comprehensive and collision or uninsured motorist coverage, but you must have PIP and PDL when you register your vehicle. Some lenders require comp and collision insurance to cover damage to your car when you have a lien on it. We have affordable plans that can help you stay within budget.

PIP insurance covers 80% of your medical expenses up to $10,000 after most accidents. In Florida, it doesn’t matter who is at fault for minor crashes. You file a claim with your own insurance to pay for most medical bills. PDL insurance pays for property damage to the other driver’s vehicle when the accident is your fault or the fault of the driver who is using your car.

Your auto insurance policy must remain in effect until you surrender the license plate/tag to the DMV. If you change insurance policies, make sure the new policy is in place before canceling the old one. If you move, don’t cancel your Florida insurance policy until you have registered the car in the new location and have made sure that your Florida registration is canceled. Military members should check the Florida military page for exemptions and information about car registration and insurance.

The penalties for not having insurance are severe. Your car registration and/or driver’s license could be suspended, and you will have to pay a reinstatement fee to get them back. This fee could be up to $500. There are no hardship licenses granted for driving without insurance: if you are in an accident without insurance, you may be required to cover the other person’s damages and injuries. The average insurance claim is $14,000 to $21,000, so not having insurance is much more expensive than having it!

Insurance is a Necessity

Call for a free 10-minute quote to get great prices on your car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL. We have affordable plans that will help you stay insured and always have peace of mind, no matter where the road leads. Don’t put your driving privileges at risk by not having insurance on your Florida-registered car, and let us help you find a policy that meets your needs!