Cheap Car Insurance in Town ‘N’ Country, FL

Motorists in Florida face stiff penalties for failing to comply with car coverage requirements for the state: if you don’t maintain required coverage in Florida, you risk suspension of both your driver’s license and registration, along with a mandatory reinstatement fee of up to $500. Stay on the right side of the law by maintaining adequate coverage for your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. After all, failure to comply could also accumulate points on your driving record that work against you when shopping around for discounted rates; the best approach is to preserve your driving record and strive to be the safest driver that you can be. With that being said, if you are looking for cheap car insurance but want decent auto coverage, look no further! Call our team for your free quote on affordable car coverage today.

Don’t let coverage lapse because your carrier’s rates are too high; shop around to find more affordable options for Florida drivers. Take time to garner a free quote and compare for yourself how much you can save.

Motorists across the state are surprised by the savings that making one simple call can get them. Don’t pay too much for your car insurance — check with us first! Make sure that you are not compromising quality coverage for a few dollars, however. Maintain the coverage that you need while paying a rate that fits your budget. Compare rates and see for yourself the difference in costs among carriers in the state; the savings may surprise you! Also, ask about incentives for safe driving or periods of time without claims or incidents to find out about how to further reduce what you pay for auto coverage. You could be eligible for savings depending on your driving record and history
Mandatory Coverage


Do you know exactly what is covered by your existing auto policy? Make sure that you are within the guidelines for coverage in the state of Florida. An accident could derail you financially and even lead to legal ramifications, so stay informed about the exact details of your auto policy and only buy from carriers that have an established reputation among consumers in Florida. Talk to our informed and courteous representatives to find out exactly what your auto policy is going to cost. Interested in other coverage? Talk to your agent or carrier about bundling insurance policies and packages for overall, comprehensive coverage. This keeps things simple and could even save you a few dollars. Ask about cheap insurance for all of your needs, including:

  • Cars, trucks, and other vehicles (including ATVs and motorcycles)
  • Home or vacation properties
  • Boats and watercraft
  • Rentals (including vehicles, apartments, and homes)
  • Life insurance policies

There are advantages to keeping all of your insurance policies under the same carrier’s umbrella: it streamlines your bill-paying system and makes it easy to stay on top of expenses and can earn you valuable customer savings, as applicable, through loyalty and patronage to one company or carrier. Bundled packages for all of your insurance needs can save you money month after month in premiums, as well as in additional service or handling fees. Ask your representative for more information regarding these incentives!

Minimum Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

So, what do you need when it comes to insuring your car? If you live in Florida, there are some things that you need to abide by when shopping for cheap car insurance to ensure you are still covered in the event of an accident. These are the minimum guidelines as asserted by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and the laws of the state.

If you plan to register a vehicle in the state of Florida, here is what you need in terms of state-sanctioned car coverage:

  • Motorists must carry at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 in Property Damage Liability and be able to show proof at the time you register your vehicle. This will be required before you can obtain a plate.
  • Additionally, if your vehicle is used as a taxi or cab, you must also have a minimum of $125,000 in Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) coverage per person, $250,000 total for occurrence, and $50,000 in Property Damage Liability.
  • Maintain coverage on your vehicle, even when it is it is inoperable or out of commission. If you are going to cancel the policy, relinquish the license plate at your Florida DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) first.
  • Make sure that you only buy insurance from carriers that are licensed to provide insurance to Florida customers. New to the state? Have your current insurance agent help you with transferring your policy.
  • Maintain your policy, even if you leave the state for an extended period of time (if you are in the armed services, for instance). If the car is stored out of state, it is also advisable to maintain the insurance. You never know what can happen to your car while it sits.

The penalties are stiff for failing to maintain insurance in Florida. Remember that you have a lot to lose, including your legal right to operate and register a vehicle for a period of up to three years. Don’t risk legal ramifications!

Need Cheap Insurance?

Insurance is a necessity if you intend to spend any time out on the road. If you want to pay less on affordable car coverage in and around Tampa, visit or call Affordable Car Insurance for a free 10-minute quote. Start saving money today with cheaper coverage while still maintaining the peace of mind that comes with a dependable and comprehensive policy that keeps you safe on the road. Nobody plans for an accident, so don’t risk legal liability or financial devastation by carrying inadequate insurance coverage. You may not think you need to worry about it now (you’re a safe driver, after all), but life has a funny way of getting complicated when you least expect it, so give us a call to learn more today!