Infinity Insurance Review

If you seek car insurance and reside in California, Texas, Florida, or Arizona, Infinity Insurance is worth a second look. An Infinity insurance review will let you know exactly how they stand apart. For starters, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia residents can also utilize Infinity Insurance when they need a renewal. You can speak with a wide range of independent agents, and their policies are considered among the most affordable car insurance policies.

These policies are especially useful to those who may not be able to obtain car insurance due to past mistakes. Infinity Kemper insurance provides affordable nonstandard policies to anyone who finds themselves in this sort of predicament. If you have past driving violations, crashes or even DUIs on your record, the good folks at Infinity are able to help!

There are a number of coverage options available as well. You can choose from standard collision, comprehensive, liability and uninsured motorist coverage. All of the bases are covered when you rely on Infinity. Whether you are looking to build your own customized coverage plan or you would like to choose from a number of different tiers with different coverage limits, you’ll have the chance to find the plan that works best for your needs.

If you choose the most comprehensive coverage tier that Infinity can provide, you will enjoy a number of different extras. Rental car coverage will cover the costs that are associated with obtaining a rental vehicle after a serious collision. All policyholders can receive a maximum of $600 and at least $20 per day. Towing and labor costs are covered (up to $50) if towing and/or repair is needed.

The Infinity DriverClub® program is another sweet perk. This roadside assistance program is available at all times and best of all, it is totally free. Service is only paid for if you need it, and you can enroll in the program even if you are not an Infinity policyholder.

Discounts and reward programs are offered up as well. If you are willing to switch from your current policy, you are eligible for a 15 percent discount. Other discounts are available based on the driver and their past experience. If you obtain a multi-car insurance policy, you are able to save some money over the long haul.

Safe driving rewards are on hand, too. Your rates can be discounted by as much as 25 percent if you have a safe driving record. Policyholders paying their rates in full are eligible to receive a 15 percent discount, and there are additional lines of insurance for auto, property and personal concerns.

The bottom line is simple. If you are someone who resides in a state where Infinity insurance is available and you do not have a perfect driving record, they provide a wonderful, affordable car insurance option. This allows drivers of all kinds to obtain the minimum level of coverage they need without overspending. If you would like something a bit more robust, Infinity is also happy to help in this regard! Contact us for more information!