Progressive Insurance Review

Car insurance is mandatory, whether you’ve just purchased a new vehicle or need to switch providers for your existing one. Choosing the best policy can be challenging, but it will be less taxing if you have information on some fantastic options. Here’s a quick Progressive Insurance review if you need to secure a policy to cover your car immediately.

About Progressive

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company has been in existence since 1937. Its founders’ goal was to provide affordable basic automobile coverage to citizens who needed it. They were the first provider to offer drive-in claims and one of the first offices in Ohio. Since then, the company has grown greatly, offering insurance policies for motorcycles, scooters, homes, rentals, and more.

The Benefits of Using Progressive

Progressive offers a vast menu of products and benefits that simplify insurance coverage. These are some top reasons to consider signing up for a Progressive policy:

Bundle Discounts

Progressive wants to ensure that policyholders simplify their lives by getting all their services in one place. Thus, you’ll have the option to cover yourself in several areas and receive a discount on the bundle.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you reside, you will always have access to Progressive products in the area. Unlike some other providers, Progressive offers coverage in all 50 U.S. states.

Accident Forgiveness

A minor fender bender won’t raise your insurance rates, as Progressive is willing to forgive it. That’s a rare benefit you won’t find in many other places.

Roadside Assistance

Progressive offers roadside assistance for unforeseen emergencies. Thus, you can get help with flat tires, battery charges, fuel delivery, and much more.

Rideshare Insurance

As a rideshare driver, you might need a little more coverage than the average person. Progressive is proud to offer options that protect you when performing your rideshare tasks.

Accident-Free Rewards

Not all insurance companies reward their drivers for being accident-free. Progressive does when their policyholders choose the deductible savings bank feature. This program will take $50 off your collision and comp deductibles every six months you go without having an accident. Now,¬†that’s¬†appreciation.

Extensive Menu

Progressive offers a long list of insurance coverage, add-on products, services, and more. You can visit them for classic home and auto policies or ask for information about dental coverage, boat insurance, health policies, ID theft protection, online banking, etc. Don’t forget that you can receive bundle discounts if you purchase more than one type of policy from this provider.

How To Get a Progressive Policy

Reviewing Progressive’s extensive list of coverage options is your best bet. After that, you can choose to perform an autonomous search or get in touch with someone who can guide you through your insurance-seeking process.

Now you know how to get affordable car insurance and many other necessities. You should now be confident about contacting an insurance agent or broker to find the best policy to match your needs. The option to start your application online is available as well.