Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License?

No License

If you’re wondering whether you can get cheap car insurance without a license, the short answer is no. But there are some exceptions. In most states, you need a license to get car insurance because it’s the law.

However, even if it weren’t required by law, car insurance companies would still require it. So, if you can’t get a license, what can you do? You may get a non-driver’s ID. You may also be able to get special insurance. Read on for some further suggestions from Affordable Car Insurance Tampa.

The Quick Response is “No”

In almost all cases, you need a driver’s license to get car insurance. Insurance companies use your driver’s license number to track your driving record. This helps them decide how much to charge you for coverage.

There are a few exceptions. You might be able to get insurance without a license if you’re a business owner who uses your personal vehicle for business purposes. Or, if you live in New York City, you can get insurance through the city’s program for uninsured drivers.

But in most cases, you’ll need a driver’s license to get car insurance.

But There are Some Exceptions

As mentioned above, there are a few exceptions to the rule that you need a driver’s license to get car insurance. However, there are a few things you can do to get car insurance when you have no license.

  • One way is to purchase a policy and list yourself as an excluded driver. This means that you will not be covered if you are in an accident, but it will lower your rates.
  • Another option is to get a licensed friend or family member to add you to their policy as an occasional driver.
  • This way, you will be covered if you have an accident, but your rates will be higher. You can also look into getting a non-driver’s insurance policy, which will cover you in case of an accident even if you don’t have a license.
  • If you don’t have a license, you still need to insure your parked car. The minimum amount of coverage you need is determined by your state, but it’s generally recommended to have more than the bare minimum. You can get insurance for your parked car through most major auto insurers.

But these are exceptions rather than the rule. In most cases, you’ll need a driver’s license to get car insurance.

Why do You Need a License to get Car Insurance?

In Most States, It’s The Law

In most states, you need a driver’s license to drive a car. You also need a driver’s license to get car insurance. That’s because car insurance companies use your driving record to help them decide how much to charge you for insurance.

If you don’t have a license, that means you don’t have a driving record. And without a driving record, insurers don’t know how risky it is to insure you. They may refuse to insure you at all, or they may charge you much higher rates than they would if you had a clean driving record.

Car Insurance Companies Require It

Not only is having a driver’s license the law in most states, but it’s also required by most car insurance companies. Most insurers will not sell you a policy unless you have a valid driver’s license. And if they do sell you a policy without one, they may not pay out claims if something happens while you’re driving without a license and get into an accident.


In most cases, you cannot obtain car insurance without a license. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, you need a license to insure your vehicle. If you cannot get a license, there are still options available for you, such as getting a non-driver’s ID or special insurance.

Whatever your situation, be sure to explore all your options so that you can find the best possible solution for insuring your vehicle. Contact us today!

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