Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Teens and Young Drivers

Any responsible driver understands the necessity of good car insurance. It’s a net that protects your bank account in the event of an accident. It’s a balm when you find yourself in need of quick auto bodywork following a collision. Also, it’s illegal to drive without car insurance. Clearly, car insurance is undeniably essential. Unfortunately, when it comes to insuring a first-time driver, the safety net of car insurance can start to get a little bit pricy.

Want to make sure you’re getting the cheapest car insurance for teens in Tampa, FL? Here are some tips to help you out.

Good grades get good discounts

A lot of insurance companies offer discounts for high school students who are bringing home As and Bs. Insurers see a responsible high schooler as a responsible driver. Good grades also hint at an ability to think critically and make good decisions, two skills that translate to good driving.

When your insurer is confident of your teen’s driving ability, it will quickly translate to significant savings. Plus, getting good grades in high school never did any teenager any harm.

Enroll in driver’s ed

You might think that your son or daughter stands the best chance of learning how to drive correctly under your supervision and yours alone. That may be true, but when it comes to getting cheap young driver insurance in Tampa, FL, insurers like to see some formal behind-the-wheel training.

Before you pick just any old driver’s education class, however, make sure to contact your insurance company and determine if they have specific suggestions in regards to which program to enroll your teen. Sometimes a single call can save you a lot of trouble in the search for a good driving school.

Do your homework

As your child begins the learning process, contact your insurance company to start exploring the right policy to cover your first-time driver. Will they have their own vehicle? Will they be driving to a job or after-school activity? Will they only be behind the wheel under your watchful eye? These are all critical questions to ask your insurance agent, as they can turn into monetary savings when the policy goes into effect.

Emphasize safety and responsibility

Having a teenage driver get a speeding ticket or get into an accident is the quickest way to see your insurance rates (and your blood pressure) skyrocket into uncomfortable territory. Once your teenage driver has their license, you can keep your rates low by taking steps to make sure that they are observing the rules of the road. Make sure they’re driving the speed limit, wearing their seatbelt, etc.

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