How To Get Car Insurance for an Impounded Car

When car issues pop up, you want to know how exactly it will affect your insurance. If your car has been impounded, you need to know what this will do to your insurance coverage and how insurance coverage will affect your ability to get your car out of impound. Keep reading to learn more.

Can I Retrieve an Uninsured Car From Impound?

The quick answer is no. Once a car has been impounded, you must show that the car has the legally required insurance to be driven off of the impound lot. You will also need to show a valid license for whoever will be driving the car. If the vehicle is not insured, you will need to purchase insurance to retrieve the vehicle. You will need to search for quick and affordable car insurance for my impounded car.

What Steps Are Required To Retrieve My Car?

You will need to follow a series of steps to retrieve your vehicle from impound. How long the car must stay in impound will depend upon the nature of the impound. In some instances, the car must stay for a certain amount of time. The impound lot will be happy to share this information with you. You will also need to show proof of insurance coverage as well. This is essential to the recovery of your vehicle. There may be a lot of fees involved in retrieving the car.

Will My Car Get Impounded If It Is Not Insured?

Your car could definitely wind up in impound for lack of insurance. If the police stop you and you are not legally covered with adequate car insurance, your car can be towed. Lack of insurance is a serious crime. Every vehicle does not get towed, but it can. Some officers may opt to give you a warning and then follow up in a few days to see if the vehicle is covered. However, you never know if you will get a warning or not. The risk is that if you are pulled over without sufficient insurance, you could lose your vehicle to an impound lot. This will produce additional fees and legal matters for you.

The best way to stay on the road legally is always to keep adequate car insurance on your vehicles. You will have the peace of mind that your car is covered, and you will not need to worry about towing, impound, or other legal matters that could cost you a lot of money. We can provide you with low-cost car insurance quotes to keep you safe and legal. 

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