Is Insurance for a Hybrid Car More Expensive?

Many drivers are looking into purchasing hybrid cars. After all, these vehicles are the wave of the future. They often come with excellent gas mileage and offer a chance to make an eco-friendly purchasing decision.

However, drivers are concerned about car insurance for hybrids in Tampa, FL and whether this will result in an increase in their insurance costs. Overall, hybrids do tend to have higher insurance costs than their gas-only counterparts. Let’s go through why this is the case.

Reasons for higher cost

Hybrids tend to cost about 17 percent more than gas-only cars, and insuring them will reflect that initial higher sticker price because comprehensive or collision payouts will be higher if the car is stolen or totaled.

Another reason is that repairs to hybrids are often more expensive than those to gas-only vehicles. Hybrids include expensive parts like battery systems that only specialty mechanics can deal with.

One study also found that hybrid vehicle owners are more likely to file insurance claims. This may be because hybrids are popular with commuters who are likely to put more miles on their vehicles, leading to more opportunities for crashes.

Total costs

If you’re concerned about your bottom line, expect that hybrid vehicles will save you money at the pump, but also that they’ll cost more to purchase and to insure. You may also see higher maintenance costs. It’s up to you whether these additional costs are worth it for the better mileage and reduced carbon footprint.

Other factors

Remember that there are many other factors that go in to determining an insurance rate. Just because you have a hybrid vehicle, don’t assume your costs will skyrocket. These are some of the other elements that go into figuring out your insurance cost:

  • Your driving history: If you have few tickets and crashes, you will get a better price.
  • Your credit history: Strong credit makes it easier to find good rates.
  • The make and model of the car you drive: Not all hybrids are created equal.
  • Your age and job: Younger drivers tend to pay more.

How to find low rates no matter what

Let’s say your driving record has a few marks against it or your credit history isn’t great—the good news is that you can still get an excellent low rate on car insurance for your hybrid vehicle.

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