What Documents Should Be Kept in Your Vehicle at All Times?

Owning and operating a vehicle involves a lot of paperwork. Some of it can be kept at home, but there are a few items you should keep on hand in your vehicle so you’ll have them whenever you’re out on the road. Here’s what you need to keep in your vehicle when it comes to car documentation in Tampa, FL.

Essential documentation

Your driver’s license is one of the most important items to have with you as a driver. If you’re caught driving without it, there could be serious consequences in terms of fines and demerits. It’s also important to make sure that your driver’s license is valid. If necessary, set a reminder for yourself to renew your license well in advance of its expiration date, and update any information that may have changed since your license was issued.

In order to operate a vehicle, you will also need to prove that it’s both registered and insured. The vehicle registration will verify that you are an authorized driver of the vehicle. Proof of insurance may be required if you’re pulled over or you need to exchange information with another driver after a collision. For extra security, you may also choose to keep any documentation with personal information in your wallet instead of your vehicle. If you choose to do this with a vehicle that has multiple drivers, make sure that everyone has their own copies of these documents.

Other useful items to keep in your vehicle

Your vehicle’s manual can provide a wealth of information that you may need to access—especially since you may not always be able to rely on cell reception to get you out of car trouble. Keeping pen and paper handy can also be useful when you need to jot something down. In order to change a flat tire, you’ll need a tire jack, a spare tire and a lug wrench. If your battery is getting old, consider keeping jumper cables in the vehicle so that it can be jump-started if needed.

Documents that should be left at home

Proof of ownership should be kept in a safe place instead of the vehicle itself. You’re also not required to keep maintenance      records in the vehicle, but it’s good practice to file this information for a comprehensive vehicle history. This could come in handy for selling the vehicle or deducting costs as business expenses. In addition to repair and maintenance records, you should keep any insurance claim documents in the same location.

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