What’s So Important About a Car Insurance Policy Number?

Many people give little thought to their car insurance policy number without realizing it is likely the most important part of carrying car insurance in Tampa, FL. It is another identifying number that can confirm your coverage and show your compliance with the law. Here are common questions and answers about your insurance policy number.

I don’t know my policy number! Where can I find it?

Your policy number is usually eight to 10 digits long, and can be found on your car insurance card. Depending on the company you use, you may have this card available to you on a smartphone app, or you may have a printed card that proves you carry insurance.

You can also find it on your billing statements, or in the policy section of your online account if you receive paperless statements. There is other essential information there, like your car’s vehicle identification number and roadside assistance information.

The policy number will stay the same as long as you keep your policy active. However, if you cancel it and return to the company in the future, they will likely issue a new policy number.

When do I need the policy number?

Circumstances in which you need this number include:

  • Paying your premium
  • Calling roadside assistance, when it is provided by your policy
  • Accidents
  • When the police pull you over

Your best course of action is to keep your insurance card in your car. That way, if you need to provide it to roadside assistance, other drivers or the police, it is ready. If you pay your insurance bill manually, the number is on the statement and you will need to write it on your check. For online payments, your policy number is automatically associated with your payment.

I bundle my insurance. Is the policy number the same for all of my policies?

No. Providing your renters or homeowners insurance policy number if you are in a car accident is unlikely to be helpful. Your company may be able to use it to track down your auto policy, but that will mean damages and benefits come into play much more slowly.

When do I need someone else’s insurance policy number?

For auto insurance, you need the other party’s policy number any time you are in an accident. While your own company will likely cover medical bills, it is fairly simple to file any property damage claims directly with the opposing insurance company.

If you are in an accident and the other driver gives you an outdated insurance card, make sure you also write down any member or group ID numbers. That way, if their policy number changed, it is easier for the company to track down the policy.

You may face the unfortunate instance of discovering the other driver was actually not insured. In that case, you still need the numbers to prove later that they were not in compliance. So, even if you have uninsured or underinsured driver protection with your policy, you still want to keep all the information you acquired after the accident, including these false ID numbers.

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