Why Do Car Insurance Rates Go Down When You Turn 25?

Many teenagers look forward to their 16th birthday because it’s the day when they can finally get their driver’s license—they have total freedom from their parents! But that feeling of pure joy might be short-lived when these young drivers find out how much car insurance can cost.

The good news is that car insurance rates in Tampa, FL tend to get lower when drivers turn 25. Insurance companies lower the rates of drivers they can trust, and 25-year-old drivers are generally much more reliable than newer drivers. Continue reading to learn more about car insurance rates and how you can save some money.

Whose insurance won’t go down?

You’re not guaranteed to get cheaper car insurance just because you turn 25. If you fall into any of these categories, don’t count on getting a lower rate as a birthday gift:

  • Inexperienced drivers: Assuming drivers get their learner’s permit when they turn 15, they’ve been behind the wheel for a decade by the time they turn 25. But that’s not always the case. If you’ve only been driving for a few years before your 25th birthday, you shouldn’t expect to see much (if any) of a drop in your car insurance rates.
  • Drivers with accidents or violations: A poor driving record and expensive car insurance rates in Tampa, FL go hand in hand. If you’ve been involved in accidents or have multiple traffic violations on your record, your insurance rates may be much higher than those of other drivers in your age range.
  • Drivers with bad credit: Insurance companies don’t just look at your birthdate and driving record when setting your monthly rate—they also check your credit score. Drivers with poor credit typically pay higher premiums than those with good credit.

How can you save money on your car insurance?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until your car insurance goes down at age 25 in Tampa, FL to save some money. Here are ways that both younger and older drivers can save:

  • Keep a clean record: The best way to reduce your car insurance each year is to keep your driving record sparkling clean. The more accidents you get into or the more traffic violations you receive, the higher insurance companies will set your monthly rates.
  • Stay on your parents’ plan: If you’re under 25 and still living at home, see if you can stay on your parents’ auto insurance plan. Parents with clean records can typically get lower rates than their kids, even if their children are getting older.
  • Shop around: Finally, be sure to shop around before making a purchasing decision for your car insurance. In addition to checking out policies from different companies, see if you’re able to get discounts for being a safe driver or being a member of certain organizations. There are tons of deals out there to take advantage of!

Need affordable insurance? We can help!

If you’re struggling to pay for your car insurance and you can’t wait for your car insurance premium to go down at 25 in Tampa, FL, then talk to our team at Affordable Car Insurance Tampa. Even if you have a poor driving record, bad credit or you’re a new driver, we can help get you a great deal on insurance. Give us a call today to get a free quote for your new auto insurance policy.

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