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12 Things That Can Increase Your Car Insurance

You don’t want to pay any more than you need to for car insurance. It’s expensive enough. Maybe your recent car insurance rate increase has now prompted you to look for better deals. It’s possible for most car owners to lower their rates. Here are 12 things from Affordable Car Insurance Tampa that can decrease […]

Why is Florida One of the Most Dangerous States to Drive In?

Driving is something that gives a person the ability to be independent when it comes to getting themselves to and from the places that they need to go to, whether it’s work, school, or simply running errands. According to statistics, some states are considered to be more dangerous than others to drive in, and if […]

Safety Tips to Know Before Driving in Florida

Driving in Florida is a lot of fun but can also be dangerous. You should know many things before driving in Florida, especially as a new driver. Here are some pointers to keep you safe on the road: Always Keep Your Distance Drivers should also keep their distance. Keeping a safe distance behind the car […]

How Do I Survive a Road Trip in Florida?

Taking a road trip is a fantastic way to see the Sunshine State. Whether going to Tampa or Key West, driving provides great opportunities for sightseeing and learning about the history of this diverse state. However, road trips can also be stressful and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some tips […]

Is There a Curfew for Teenage Drivers in Florida?

In some states throughout the United States, there is a curfew for teenage drivers. The curfew may restrict what times a teenage driver cannot drive past, regulate where a teenage driver can or cannot drive to, or restrict how many passengers, if any, a teenage driver can have in their vehicle past a certain time. […]