Does My Car Insurance Transfer to a Rental Car?

You’re picking up your rental car. You provide your license, insurance card and emergency contact info. Then the clerk asks you their standard question: would you like rental insurance coverage? You pause—is this something you need? You wonder if personal car insurance transfers to rental cars.

You don’t wan to purchase their policy if you don’t need it, but the clerk is being pretty persuasive. If you pass on it, you will be held responsible for whatever happens. That doesn’t sound good. You have your own coverage, but will your car insurance apply with a rental car? Here’s what you need to know.

You’re probably covered

If you carry comprehensive and liability insurance on your own car, your policy will likely cover you when you’re driving a rental car in the United States. Even the most basic insurance policies typically have liability coverage and personal accident insurance.

The liability portion covers costs if you are at fault in an accident and are liable for another party’s expenses. Personal accident insurance covers your medical bills. This personal injury protection or medical payments coverage will provide for any medical bills if you are in an accident in a rental car. Again, you probably have this coverage with your own policy, so you don’t need to pay for additional coverage from the rental company.

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, your personal belongings are most likely covered as well. The policy will protect you from loss of items due to theft or damage while in the rental.

When you may not be covered

Something to keep in mind is policy limits. Your personal insurance policy is (hopefully) tailored appropriately for your needs, based on your vehicle. If you have an older family sedan with low coverage limits, consider what you are renting.

Are you planning a joy ride in a high-end convertible for the weekend? If the vehicle you are renting is in a different class than your personal car, you may not be fully covered by your own insurance policy—which leads us to the next important point.

You should check

If you’re renting a car, always check with your insurance provider to confirm whether your personal car insurance transfers to rental cars. In many cases, it will, but you should always check. A quick call to your insurance provider will give you the confirmation you need.

You may also want to check with your credit card company. If you are using a credit card to rent the vehicle (and most rental companies require this), your credit card company may provide some coverage. This may help cover any gaps in your personal coverage, so you won’t have to take out the rental car company’s policy.

Get the best rates

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