What Should I Do if My Uber Driver Gets in an Accident?

Over the past few years, Uber has exploded in popularity and is now a household name. This rideshare app is used across the United States as a convenient way to get from point A to point B. But what happens if your Uber driver gets in an accident? Do you need to use personal car insurance coverage with Uber? How does coverage work?

With all the insurance laws in existence today, it can be hard to know who is responsible for what and how to handle accidents. Here’s what you need to know about how Tampa, FL car insurance works for Uber.

Uber provides coverage

Because car accidents are so common, Uber has established insurance coverage for its drivers while they are actively working for the company. While the driver is available for ride requests, Uber provides third-party liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. However, the limits are low. When the driver is picking up or transporting a fare, the coverage increases significantly and extends to include underinsured and comprehensive coverage.

With this coverage in place, an accident that occurs while you are riding in an Uber vehicle will probably be covered by the Uber insurance. However, it is important to understand who is responsible for the accident and any resulting damage or injuries. That party is the one who must cover the costs involved.

The responsible party must pay

If you are injured during an Uber ride, the person who caused the accident is the one responsible for paying for your losses. This may or may not be the Uber driver.

Additionally, if other persons are injured during the accident, or damage to others’ property occurs, these costs are also the responsibility of the party at fault. Again, this may or may not be the Uber driver.

In most cases, as a passenger, you would not be held liable for damages, unless you were somehow responsible for the accident. More likely, the accident was caused by other drivers, commercial vehicles, pedestrians or the Uber driver. In any of these cases, you should not need to file a claim with your insurance company, since someone else’s policy will cover any losses.

Steps to take after an accident

If you suffer losses due to an accident while riding with Uber in Tampa, FL, it’s important to establish who is the responsible party. Once this is established, you should submit any loss claims to that party, who will pass those along to their insurance provider. Of course, if you have any questions or are in doubt about the process, you can always reach out to your personal insurance provider for assistance.

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