What Are the Most Common Holiday-Related Insurance Claims?

The holidays are a time of celebration and joy. But accidents don’t care what time of year it is, and they can happen at any time. This is precisely why we have insurance, but that doesn’t mean we want to be making insurance claims all the time. Here are some types of holiday insurance claims to avoid.

Car insurance claims

One of the most common types of holiday-related insurance claims is car insurance claims. There are several different types of holiday-related car insurance claims to avoid and look out for.

One of these is car accidents. During the holiday season, the weather gets colder and wetter in most parts of the country, making the roads more dangerous to drive on. It’s a good idea to drive a little more cautiously this time of year. That means giving yourself a few extra minutes to arrive at your destination so you can drive slower and arrive safely.

It’s also important to consider that people might be celebrating a little more than usual during the holidays, and that means there may be more intoxicated drivers on the road. Keep an eye out for erratic drivers, and make sure to plan accordingly for your own safe ride home if you plan on drinking as part of your celebration.

Another holiday-related car insurance claim to look out for and avoid is vehicle theft. This can happen at any time of year, but during the holidays, the sun goes down earlier and gives thieves more time to act under the cover of darkness. Be sure to lock your doors and keep any valuables—or things that might even look like valuables, like tote bags or purses, even if they’re empty—out of sight or out of the car when you’re parked.

Accident and injury claims

We tend to be busier during the holiday season, and that extra stress and work can lead to a higher likelihood of injuries. Whether it’s climbing on a ladder or the roof to hang Christmas lights, hanging flammable stockings dangerously close to a roaring fireplace or any other type of potentially hazardous activity, you need to be prepared for accidents and injury with good insurance.

To avoid having to file an insurance claim of this type, you can do your part by taking extra precautions during potentially risky holiday activities. For example, you can have someone hold the ladder for you and help out when hanging lights on your house. Make sure to keep flammable materials (like stockings) at least 3 feet from all open flames. Finally, don’t overload the outlets by plugging too many things into them—that could cause a short circuit that may start a fire.

Now that you know some of the most common types of holiday insurance claims to avoid, you can plan accordingly to have a safe and fun holiday season. And remember, accidents can happen at any time of year, so it’s best to have insurance to handle your claims year-round. For quality coverage at affordable prices, contact Affordable Car Insurance Tampa today.

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