Get Low-Cost Car Insurance for College Students

As any parent with a child in college will tell you, there’s a ton of planning that goes into sending a student off to school. Even after choosing the perfect university, parents and students have a lot to do before the first day of classes.

One thing that can’t get lost in the shuffle, though, is securing cheap car insurance for college students in Tampa, FL. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from when your student needs car insurance. Continue reading to learn more about the most common choices:

  • Stay on your parents’ policy: Many insurance companies will allow students to stay on their parents’ plan as long as their permanent address doesn’t change. However, this isn’t always the best deal for the parents. Keeping a college-age driver on a married couples’ policy adds an average of $1,500 to their annual insurance plan. Save yourself a ton of money by searching for insurance designed for students.
  • Per-mile insurance: Many campuses are either walkable or have great public transportation options. Assuming that’s the case and you won’t be driving a lot, consider per-mile auto insurance. This cheap car insurance for college students in Tampa, FL charges a low monthly rate, then a fee for each mile driven.
  • Student discounts: Getting good grades can land you on the dean’s list each semester, and it can also help you get a discount on your car insurance! Many of the top providers also have discounts for individuals in student organizations, like fraternities, sororities and honor societies.
  • Leave your car at home: Insurance companies will often offer discounts for students who elect to leave their cars at home instead of bringing them to campus. In addition to saving money on insurance, you’ll reduce your risk of getting in an accident or getting a ticket, both of which can increase your premium.

Reasons you can’t let your insurance lapse

Even if you choose the final option above and leave your car at home, you’ll still need to keep it insured. Here are the reasons you can’t let your policy lapse:

  • Law violation: All states require drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance for their cars. Florida drivers who let their insurance policy lapse can have their license suspended and face some hefty fines. Stay out of trouble by purchasing affordable car insurance for students in Tampa, FL!
  • Higher premiums: Insurance companies often make drivers who let their policy lapse pay a higher premium once they get insurance again. Ensure you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg in the future by keeping your car insured at all times.
  • Financial risk: Being involved in an accident without car insurance will hurt your wallet, even if you’re not personally injured. On top of paying out of pocket for all the damages, you’ll also face some serious fines for driving uninsured.

Get your insurance from Affordable Car Insurance Tampa

When your kids head off to college, set them up with an insurance plan from Affordable Car Insurance Tampa. On top of providing affordable car insurance for students in Tampa, FL, we guarantee that your students will be fully covered in the event of an accident.

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