How Much Does It Cost to Register a Car in Florida?

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You’re registering a car in Florida. How much is it going to cost? We’re going to talk about how to register a car in Florida, what you need, and some of the most common complications. While registering a car in Florida might seem to be complicated, it’s essential; you don’t want to get stopped with an outdated registration. Let Affordable Car Insurance Tampa help.

How Do You Register a Car in Florida?

The first step is to contact your local DMV because it is true that different counties could have different regulations. You’ll need to bring the following documents: the car’s title, driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the registration fee (more below).

You will also need to have the car inspected. The inspection can be done at a local DMV office, authorized inspection station, or by a licensed dealer. Once the car is inspected, you’ll need to get a VIN verification, which can also be done at a local DMV office, an authorized inspection station, or by a licensed dealer.

Not every state requires inspections. You may have come from a state that doesn’t. Inspections ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy. Importantly, it also ensures that the vehicle meets current emissions requirements. Otherwise, you may be required to get your vehicle modified.

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Car in Florida?

A first-time registration in Florida will cost $225. Renewals may range from $14 to $32 depending on the class of your vehicle and the county you’re registering it in. Some counties offer a discount for renewing online. The registration fee covers the cost of the license plate and decal, which is valid for one year.

VIN verification is free if done at a local DMV office. If done by an authorized inspection station or licensed dealer, there may be a charge. Come prepared to register your vehicle with $225 if it’s the first time you’ve registered and at least $40 if you’re re-registering your vehicle and you have some associated fees.

What Could Stop You from Registering a Car?

There are a few things that could happen that would stop you from registering your car. The most common is not having valid insurance. You will need to show proof of insurance when you register, and it must be active through the registration period. If you cancel your insurance or let it lapse, your registration will be suspended, and you may face fines.

Another potential issue is not passing the emissions inspection. If your car does not meet current emissions standards, you will need to take it to a mechanic first.

Finally, if you have any unpaid parking tickets or other traffic violations, you will not be able to register your car until you clear them up.

To register a car for the first time, you will also need to get the title signed over for you. It’s frequently the case when purchasing a used car that you might not get the title transferred in time or that someone might forget to do so; make sure you get the title when you purchase the vehicle.

What Are the Next Steps?

It doesn’t cost a lot to register a car in Florida. But it’s a critical step to making sure that you are road legal. Without proper registration, you could get stopped and fined at any time — and if you don’t have an inspection, your vehicle might not actually meet the requirements for driving on Florida roads.

Now that you know how to register a car in Florida and what it’s going to cost, the next step is to find out more about getting Florida car insurance. You’ll need to have proof of insurance when you register the vehicle, so it’s essential to have an active policy.

Your next step is to get insurance. Contact us to find out more about getting an affordable insurance policy that meets Florida requirements for coverage.

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